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About Us

Westropp Horse Boots is owned and run by renowned equestrian product designer, BHS certified Judge and World Class Trainer Hilary Westropp. She has worked all over the world to produce top-flight athletes and create market leading safety products which reduce the chance of damage to horses when competing. 

Launched in 1986, the original petal over-reach boot (or the flappy boots as they affectionately became known) won the best new product award at the SPOGA trade fair and was quickly adopted by leading riders.


Over the next ten years the range of boots expanded and evolved to produce boots which combined the best elements of other boots, improved quality and continued to lead the market to increase the level of safety available to riders. 

Westropp Boots protect horses legs at every level - from hacking down the road right through to the Olympics. All of our products have been thoroughly tried and tested in the real world before they get to you.

What Our Customers Say...

Westropp Over-reach Boot

"They are the best over reach boots I have ever used. You can have them whatever size you need, just add more petals! And if they break you can just replace the different parts rather than having to buy a whole new boot! I really don't get why people still buy the rubber ones!"

Sarah H, Event Rider

"They were very fashionable when I was a teenager back in the 90's. Everybody else used to swap petals to create multi-coloured versions but I was far too classy for that so had plain white ones to blend with his white legs (he was a black with white socks) I thought we were the bees knees!"

Amanda R, Ex Rider

"I tried the ballistic material ones, but they just fall apart after a few uses and the 'no turn bulb' was useless on my mare so it meant they were constantly twirling around which drove me mad."

Hannah R, Part-time Rider

"They perform very well and the good thing is if they break, you can just replace the broken petal or strap rather than the whole boot. The strap can be fiddly, particularly if the buckle's clogged with mud, so I just wash them down before I take them off."

Glen, Rider

Neoprene Over-reach Boot

"I have the neoprene petal version on my baby horse for turnout as he is a bit clumsy and can over reach sometimes. They aren't overly long so there is the possibility the horse could still pull off a shoe but overall I am pleased with them. They wash up well and don't cause any rubs which was my main concern as he wears them a lot. He hasn't lost one yet either which is a bonus."

Amanda T, Yard Owner

Knee and Brushing Boot

"They are excellent, and stopped my horse damaging his knees when he went down on the road; he was a bit sore the next day but the knee brushing boots saved him."

Sarah N, Mother of Event Rider

"I used was looking for standard knee boots which I could wear with brushing boots for road work when I came across your Knee and Brushing Boots. I have to say they are absolutely brilliant, they give full protection over the knee and down the leg giving me peace of mind when I'm on the roads. They don't slip like normal knee boots can and they don't spin like I thought they might. I just love them."

Laura, Event Rider

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