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Westropp Horse Boots: Product Features

Westropp Horse Boots have been a premium name in equine safety and comfort for over thirty years. We achieve great results by remaining focused on the core areas of importance to horse owners: Is it safe, is it hard wearing and is it comfortable for the horse. Our dedication to this cause has seen us become a highly trusted name in the global horse industry, with world-leading event riders using and promoting our products.

Safety: Closed Cell Neoprene

Our products feature 7mm thickness  for all of neoprene products, ensuring maximum safety and wear for the horse without any friction or chafing.

Durability: Recessed stitching

All stiching is hidden the stitching into little grooved recesses on the cushioned strike pads. No unravelling threads here!

Comfort: Red Nylon Lining

Our bold lining shows that this product is the genuine article! It also provides the very best in equestrian comfort design by reducing friction and remaining cool. 

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