Soft and effective boots designed to sit low over the bulb of heels with double touch and close fastenings, lightweight and shaped for a perfect fit.

If, or when, trodded on the hoof will just tear a chunk off leaving the boot intact. Will not hold water.

Available in Black
Sizes: Pony, Cob & Full - All currently out of stock

7mm closed cell neoprene.
The best quality, extra strong touch and close fastenings.
A soft red nylon lining.
Moulded PVC upper band.
Recessed stitching.
Machine Washable at 40°C .

Some new designs of over-reach boot have been designed with 'anti-spin' devices in the bulb of the heel to try and prevent movement of the boot. Thinking about this in combination with the horses action, our designers believe that putting extra pressure on the back of the horses foot on landing is not the way forward.

We believe that the boots should be able to turn so the lining that is against your horses skin should be soft enough to not cause your horse rubs in a sensitive place.

Neoprene Over-reach Boots

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    Neoprene Over Reach Boot Size Guide
    Pony Length: 2.5" / 6cm Width: 12" / 30.5cm
    Cob Length: 3" / 7.5 cm Width: 13.5" / 34.5cm
    Full Length: 3.5" / 9cm Width: 15" / 38cm