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Please note that our straps have now been updated and they are black, not clear as in the images.The Westropp Over Reach Boot Mark II brings a new design, new colours and it is so much quieter!! Look in your nearest stockist to find it... or order it online!!An old favourite with a total makeover!The original Westropp Over-Reach Boot won the New Product Award at Spoga in 1986. It has been worn by many event riders throughout the world for two decades. More recently it has become a firm favourite with drivers and show-jumpers as well as the eventing crowd. Children enjoy being able to have multi-coloured 'noisy' boots on their horses.It is the only truly safe over-reach boot to wear cross-country because it will not invert and cause a fall going into or through water or boggy conditions. Westropp Mark II launched at BETA 2007 to maintain the best features.The new boot gives:A wider strap for ease of fit and to lessen to uplift of the petal decreasing the noise created when in motion.Quieter sound. While we know that many of the dedicated followers of these over-reach boots like the noise but others will be pleased to hear that the new ones are much quieter.Re-patented and with full copyright, it is made of a very soft engineered plastic.They will not rub or damage the legs due to being made of very soft engineered plastic.Action:As the boot goes into water, deep ground or comes into contact with the ground the petals splay outwards increasing the protection for the hoof. Should the hind foot stand on the boot as it is splayed that petal will rip off leaving the rest of the boot to protect your horse for the rest of the way round. Both petals and straps can be easily replaced. Available in Black, White, Red, Brown, Pink & Blue. Colours currently out of stock: Purple, Yellow & Green.

Westropp Over-reach Boots MkII Mixed Colours

Colour 1
Colour 2
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    Available in Mixed colours Black, White, Red, Blue and Brown,

    Out of stock Pink, Purple, Yellow & Green
    Sizes: One sizes fits all. 20 petals (10 of each) and 2 straps in one box.

    These boots are fully adjustable.
    We suggest using:
    9 or 10 petals for a big horse,
    8 for small horses and cobs
    7 petals for ponies.
    The boots must be allowed to spin to do their job effectively.

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